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Kelowna Photographer
Okanagan Photographer
Okanagan Photographer

 It is not uncommon for us to purchase beautiful works of art for our walls. In a way, the art in our home is a reflection of who we are, the beauty we admire, or even the places we hope to visit. But what if your art wasn't just an extension of you... it was you! Lets create truly one-of-kind art, showcasing the beauty you and your loved ones offer this world! 

 Check out the examples below to view some of the portraiture photography options I offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your specific portrait needs!


Creative portraiture is my truest expression. The human element in nature inspires me above all else. Because of my love for this genre, I have created Goddess Sessions, an outdoor experience with a custom outfit and beautiful wall art. I invite you to contact me with any of your unique outdoor portraiture needs!

I love the intimacy and emotion found within couples photography. Let me capture your tenderness and affection. You don't need to be engaged to document your love; everyone deserves to have  their memories represented as timeless pieces of art for their home.


Maternity photography is such a wonderful way to cherish your body at every milestone in your life. Whether you'd like it to be a couples session, environmental, or even boudoir, there's a maternity session that's perfect for everyone. Contact me to set up a consult!

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