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"Be the art on

   your walls"


  Women's intimate portraiture has long been an interest of mine. In art school, I was taught how to treat and appreciate the human form, how to use light and shadow to create depth, and how to add emotion from the gestures of the body. When I picked up a camera, I wanted to implement these same techniques into my photography. 

  Struggling with body image issues for years, I started using photography as a means of self-acceptance. When I began to embrace my own faults and insecurities, it allowed me to see past other people's perceived 'flaws', enabling me to view all people as the unique and beautiful individuals they are. When I combined my desire to create meaningful art with the passion for embracing the human body, my boudoir photography was born. 

  Today, I help many women overcome their self-doubt and assist them in their journey to self-love. Want to learn more? Contact me or follow my Instagram, @lexyparksphotography or @lexycparks. If you would like to be apart of my boudoir photography group, please join me on facebook: Lexy Parks Photography {Body Positive Boudoir Group for Women}


Join me in creating something beautiful.

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